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Page structure update

by on Oct.10, 2011, under News

Hi out there!

Today I had some time to kill due to having been early on an appointment and could thus do some of the stuff I usually end up ‘doing tomorrow’ if you get my meaning ^^. So, after some light research, I managed to finally update this WordPress template in order to list bost posts and pages in it’s menu.

It may be a bit confusing having no visual differentiation between the two but for now I’m quite satisfied to get rid of the akward widget on the right (which contained the pages-menu). If you have any suggestions of how I could improve uppon this – or any other part of my homepage for that matter – please don’t hesitate to comment ^^

While I were at it I’ve also updated/edited a couple of other sections (primarily the header) of this template. The result is now conciderably closer to the page I want. Please tell me what you think about the overall changes.

– Raszul

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Raszul.Net reactivated

by on Jan.23, 2011, under News

Hi out there!

After more than a year of silence and private tinkering with ideas and design I’ve trashed all that and simply restarted my page using wordpress and (mostly) pre-made designs.

In the future my page will contain all relevant information about any project I undertake. Well maybe not every single one, but the majority at least ^^

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