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Wishlist updated

by on Oct.02, 2011, under News

During the last few weeks I became (once again) increasingly interested in the “survival topic”. Thus I started to assemble a list of items I deem useful and/or necessary to survive in the wilderness or any other (half-way probable) survival situation.

Eventually I’d like to have three different Survival-Packs. A small one to be worn on the belt, a medium one fitting into a backpack and a large one which could as well be called a survival stash rather than survival pack to be kept in a locker at home. The small one consists only of the absolut minimum and is intended to be kept along (almost) always. The medium sized one, which could be called camping gear, packs everything needed if one intents or fears entering a survival situation on foot. The last and largest one is meant as precaution against natural disasters and contains mainly food and (clean) water.

For now though I only intend to finish the smallest of these and get some of the stuff for a regular camping trip.
The exact content of these packs will be assembled through research into (m-)any survival resource I can lay my hands on and deem ‘honestly useful’. (Thus far this is limited to one apparently good survival homepage and the US Army Survival Handbook)

You can view the raw materials for the smallest pack on my amazon.de wish-list.

While updating my amazon wish-list with these new items I also cleared out no longer required items and added a couple of other items I deemed desirable and useful.
You can see the completely updated wish lists on my profile page.

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Profile & Wishlist

by on Apr.08, 2011, under News


it’s been quite some time since my last post so you might want to read about what happened since then. I regretfully inform you that as good as nothing of importance has happened.

There were a few things I might get into later on, but for now the most important things is probably the release of my profile page as well as the first version of my wishlist.

Since my birthday is approaching fast and I somewhat neglected to tell my family and friends in which ways they can be good to me it seemed like a good idea to put some work into these two areas. ^^

Well, here they are. Feel free to comment right on this blog or mail me if you have any questions.


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