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Page structure update

by on Oct.10, 2011, under News

Hi out there!

Today I had some time to kill due to having been early on an appointment and could thus do some of the stuff I usually end up ‘doing tomorrow’ if you get my meaning ^^. So, after some light research, I managed to finally update this WordPress template in order to list bost posts and pages in it’s menu.

It may be a bit confusing having no visual differentiation between the two but for now I’m quite satisfied to get rid of the akward widget on the right (which contained the pages-menu). If you have any suggestions of how I could improve uppon this – or any other part of my homepage for that matter – please don’t hesitate to comment ^^

While I were at it I’ve also updated/edited a couple of other sections (primarily the header) of this template. The result is now conciderably closer to the page I want. Please tell me what you think about the overall changes.

– Raszul

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Profile & Wishlist

by on Apr.08, 2011, under News


it’s been quite some time since my last post so you might want to read about what happened since then. I regretfully inform you that as good as nothing of importance has happened.

There were a few things I might get into later on, but for now the most important things is probably the release of my profile page as well as the first version of my wishlist.

Since my birthday is approaching fast and I somewhat neglected to tell my family and friends in which ways they can be good to me it seemed like a good idea to put some work into these two areas. ^^

Well, here they are. Feel free to comment right on this blog or mail me if you have any questions.


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Raszul.Net reactivated

by on Jan.23, 2011, under News

Hi out there!

After more than a year of silence and private tinkering with ideas and design I’ve trashed all that and simply restarted my page using wordpress and (mostly) pre-made designs.

In the future my page will contain all relevant information about any project I undertake. Well maybe not every single one, but the majority at least ^^

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