About Me / Wishlist

Ferrero Raffaello

Birthdays, graduation, Easter, Christmas – all of these have one thing in common, the frantic search for something to give everyone else as a gift. Thoughts like ‘did he like white chocolate, or was that someone else?’ hunt all of us during these times.

This page is my attempt at making it easier for my loved ones, friends and other who might want to give me a small present to find just the right thing to give.

And a small disclaimer: all images shown here are merely examples. They are not meant to be a perfect match – though some might be. Also, especially for the more expensive items, it might be best not to buy them outright but to either offer to buy them with me or buy a gift card for them instead. I can be rather picky about things, especially things I will use a lot or for a long time.

All-time Favorites

A couple of things fit just about always. I’m talking snacks and sweets here. :-p

Here my top 5 in order of preference – most liked first.

  1. Ferrero Raffaello
  2. Babybel
  3. Toblerone
  4. Pickup Classic
  5. Coated Peanuts

Minor Presents

This is a selection of smaller things (≤ 10 €).

  • Coca Cola (6-Pack)
  • Breakfast

Moderate Presents

In this category i tried to offer a selection of moderately priced items (≤ 50 €).

  • Pants (jeans, stretch, black)
  • Belt Pouch (leather, plain, black)
  • Steam Gift Card
  • Steam Game: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
  • Shirt (plain, black)

Major Presents

Unlike the other groups, this group does not have an upper price limit. It starts where the Moderate Presents end but keeps on going …

Consequently a lot of these items will stay on this list until I can afford them myself. ;-).

  • Coat (leather, long, black)