Galaxy Online

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GalaxyOnline 001The last couple of weeks I’ve been playing this game Galaxy Online. It’s a flash based isometric sci-fi RTS, the logical progression from games like oGame.

It’s a rather simplistic game on first and probably even second look, but there are some intricacies to be found (and exploited Smile with tongue out). Thus far I’ve progressed along fairly nicely and truly like the game.

The game itself is entirely free but you can purchase ‘mall points’ for real currency and use these MPs to get items via the in game shop. All of these items can be acquired through other means as well and even MPs can be got through free-point offers. (These result in spam mails or subscriptions or stuff, but if you are careful you can get quite some points for free – got about 400 points this way by now ^^)

The primary fun factor for me probably isn’t the game itself (which is nice but nowhere near exceptional ^^) but the part of the community I found and ended up being part of.

Check the game out either on Facebook or directly via the igg homepage.

– Raszul

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